wait, summer is almost over? summer is almost over.

i was supposed to do a lot of things this summer.  i was supposed to start reading again and maybe play guitar from time to time.  i was supposed to code a lot and take photos.  maybe run a little bit.  i was supposed to try and turn into a person.

i kind of did this.  i didn’t code much of anything useful, but i took some photos.  i read a lot, but not books so much.  i started playing chess again, which has been a real revelation.

it’s frustrating, though.  there are so many things i want to do, and yet i never do them, and i have no good reason for why i don’t do them other than “well i’d rather eat dinner with jon and then watch the west wing” or “i’d rather play halo online for the 3000th time” or “man i was really tired today” or “i just didn’t want to get out of bed.”

these are not reasons not to live.

i’m also thoroughly displeased with my once plentiful but now constantly fleeting ability to speak plainly.  i’m wondering when exactly that transformation happened since junior year in college.  oh junior year in college.

i say this to make it clear some of the reasons why i may seem unhappy.  my lethargy pisses me off to no end, and yet i sit here and do nothing.  damnit.

also i haven’t seen jen in like a month and a half.

two separate but equal points

1a) the first two seasons of the west wing are latched into my brain.  i love the pacing, i love the writing, i love everything about it, but it always leaves me feeling that i should be doing more, or at least that i should be trying to do more.  which maybe is more than most.  but still not enough.  or something.

2b) i’m starting my music library over.  i would like suggestions on how to organize my music.  now that i’m starting over, i mean.  clean slate.

i mean it’s all very depressing.  this is what happens when i’m left alone for 3 months.

update: i went with letting itunes manage my music.  talk about depressing.

maybe i spoke too soon

i might have sung the praises of my readynas too soon.  drive 4 added fine.  then i replaced drive 1, and that worked well.  then drive 2 blew up in the middle of adding it (possibly a bad drive) and after adding drive 3 (supposedly fine) the NAS has been doing a raid sync for over 24 hours.  something is seriously messed up!  so maybe some tough love will help.  readynas, this is what you’re supposed to do – this is what i paid for.  get it right or pay the price.

computer science sucks

i flew from dulles to sfo today.  6 hours, non-stop on virgin america.  i saw this great country (the parts not covered by clouds), i saw blue skies, i saw clouds (which we all know i love), i saw lights.

but this is not all.

i had satellite television and wireless internet access.  i could play games.  i could chat with my fellow passengers.  i could order snacks.  well, let’s be honest, i did order snacks.

but besides this one little forray into snackdom and a little bit of chatting online, how did i spend this 6 hour flight, this flight full of aerial views and photography opportunities and really quite full of possible nap time?  answer: trying to figure out how the fuck to solve the traveling salesman problem in a non-absurd amount of time.

maybe i should have titled this post “i suck at computer science” – but i think either title is true.

some things that i must say

1. northwest-delta sucks.  shitty planes.  shitty scheduling.  shitty service.  yuck.  i’m pampered, with virgin america flying out of SFO, and i also guess i’m not really bringing anything new to the conversation.  just want to add my voices to the masses.

2. my laptop is having some issues (overheating, dying battery – nothing too exciting) and to repair them i will have to go 48 hours to 5 days without it.  i cannot comprehend how this will actually play out.  i’m actually kind of afraid.

3. related to point 2, it’d be nice if the apple store, upon taking my laptop, would let me borrow one while mine is in the shop.  they could just wipe the whole thing when they got them back, and it’s not like they wouldn’t know who you are when you took one out.

4. fonts that i just realized are awesome: deja vu sans, panic sans, inconsolata.  and yes, i was screwing around with terminal and some programming tonight.

5. up is really, really good.  and the beginning made me really, really sad, so whoever that reviewer was that i saw in passing called it a cold movie can bite me.  wherever you are.  highly recommended, and 3-d is marginally recommended.  make sure you make it there in time to see the short, partly cloudy, which is pretty good.

6. hey look, the lakers destroyed the magic in game 1, game 2 was really close, and game 3 was the one that the lakers let get away.  lakers are a lock to win game 4, and probably greater than 50% to lose game 5 (i forgot about the stupid 2-3-2 in the finals – dear NBA, why do this?)  i’ll be very, very surprised if the lakers are pushed at all in game 4.

7. i used to number lists 1a, 2b, 3c.  but now i’m grown up.  fuck.

8. i thought i liked twitter.  but now i realize i have no interest in using it.  i don’t like the short-form message, even if i say absolutely nothing in either long or short-form.

9. still not taking pictures.  not sure why not.  but i’m not.  maybe this weekend.  maybe.  someone yell at me about this, please.

10. top 10 tracks of all time in my last.fm: 8 tv on the radio tracks from return to cookie mountain, deftones cover of jealous guy, and a tie between the only living boy in new york and tyler.  my brain is trying to tell me something.  top track of last 3 months?  pick me up by dinosaur jr.  how about that, rhodg?

11. still no idea where that fucking t-shirt came from.