computer science sucks

i flew from dulles to sfo today.  6 hours, non-stop on virgin america.  i saw this great country (the parts not covered by clouds), i saw blue skies, i saw clouds (which we all know i love), i saw lights.

but this is not all.

i had satellite television and wireless internet access.  i could play games.  i could chat with my fellow passengers.  i could order snacks.  well, let’s be honest, i did order snacks.

but besides this one little forray into snackdom and a little bit of chatting online, how did i spend this 6 hour flight, this flight full of aerial views and photography opportunities and really quite full of possible nap time?  answer: trying to figure out how the fuck to solve the traveling salesman problem in a non-absurd amount of time.

maybe i should have titled this post “i suck at computer science” – but i think either title is true.

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