dreamhost is a turd

it is hard to move forward, especially for me, without occasionally looking backwards.

i had lost track of my previous blog, niv.elscorcho.org. i guess i just assumed everything was fine with it. of course, nothing was fine with it. yesterday i began the process of moving all my hosting off of dreamhost, and i realized elscorcho’s database connection was messed up. now, this is some pretty shitty old school insecure php, so i figured i just had to update some connections and everything would be good to go.

no such luck.

my ‘news’ database was missing. well, not missing so much as replaced by someone else’s ‘news’ database. dreamhost does a lot of transitioning accounts from server to server and at some point my blog’s database was transitioned on to someone else’s server and someone else’s database was put on my account.

now a lot of this falls on me – i haven’t checked elscorcho in a long time, and this change might have occurred as long as a year ago. if i had been more vigilant i might have caught this.

but also, this is a serious, serious security risk. i can just get another user’s database? mine can just be lost during one of the dozen or so server moves my account has gone through since i started at dh?

regardless, i’m pretty sad that i might have lost elscorcho, and i’m more steadfast than ever in my decision to quit dreamhost. what a turd.

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