to adventures!

2013 was a quiet year here, but not quiet in all places niv. ottoneu continues to slowly grow and my career at vox is starting to blossom.

while 2013 had one decent travel adventure, i was mostly reeling from the 2012 adventure and focused on my work. i did not take nearly enough photos, and is a common refrain here* i did not write nearly enough.

my goal is to change this considerably going forward. writing and photography are both important outlets that have helped me, but i tend to write about a subset of things in my life, the subset that causes me pain and thus i keep private. however! there are many other things to write about, many interesting and wonderful and confusing and difficult and awesome things. so, here is the peptalk reminding me that yes, there is a time for sad writing, but there is also a time to write about all the shit that captures my attention that is not just, you know, heartbreak.

and there is also time for photos. more and more photos. photography always.

back to that travel adventures thing: 2014 already promises to be more adventure-filled. first, i am headed to norway and denmark in the second half of february to see the northern lights and check out this copenhagen situation everyone is going on about. other must-trips in 2014 include a return to roatan, where i have befriended an island drug dealer / cigar bar owner over a shared love of fifa, park city**, and of course las vegas***. goals are to photograph more, to write more, to observe and capture moments more, and to maybe talk to a girl for more than 3 weeks straight****. i guess that isn’t travel-related but my brain went off on a tangent there.

i avoided writing this on january 1 because i don’t want it to be yet another “new year, new start”-type post, but here we are at the end of the year and the need to be introspective and navel-gazing is overwhelming. also, i’m really excited to go to the arctic circle next year.

* – how common? i already complained about it twice in two paragraphs.
** – in the fall, when no one is there
*** – imagine the epic nature of this blog if i had kept track of vegas trips here. woulda harkened back to the old days
**** – non-georgia edition

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