i have hackers news open in one tab and google reader in another tab. i have a couple of things i’ve been meaning to read open as well as a twitter client with 5 columns. and of course an IM client.

i’m beginning to wonder if my inability to focus as deeply as i would like to is because i am so used to the intravenous drip of stimulation i get from all these things, all this internet. not simply that they distract me while i am online, but they have muddled my brain and my ability to concentrate and think deeply offline too.

nothing here is new or ground-breaking or really anything more than rote. but i read this and then i read this and i saw all the golden globe tweets and i realized i should be writing more code and having more thoughtful conversations, not caring about breaking news or watching porn.

i went to australia for 2.5 weeks, cut off completely from the IV. do you know what i missed?


that was the lesson of the trip.

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