equalszee finally drops a full-length album

my buddy zach, aka equalszee, just dropped his first full-length album.  you can download it for free on his blog.

so, full disclosure: i helped on the mixing of some of this album, mostly technical issues.  i also made the cover art.  and i yelled at zach for most of the two years he was working on the album to keep working on the album.  so i am pretty close to the creative process here, but to counter my disclosure, those of you who know me know that i pretty much have no problem telling people if something they did, are doing, or will do sucks.

all that being said, this album is pretty awesome.  it’s quick, it doesn’t take a track off (except for K over L, suck it zach), and it definitely brings something to the rock-pop conversation.  it’s too bad, because zach isn’t going to put that much effort into getting it out there so it might toil in obscurity, but you can easily help change that.  go download a couple tracks, share with your friends if you like it, and force zach to do something more than just passively put out music every 2 years.

one very good way to show people that the RIAA and its bully tactics have no place in the 21st century is to take advantage of good, free, home-made music and listen to it and share it and find it and promote it.  it’s also a great way to listen to modern rock-pop albums that are soaking in ’90s nostalgia (for example).

later this week i’ll recap sundance 2012, where i am now and where things are AWESOME.

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