spotify’s desktop client sucks

a big reason why i went with spotify is because of its desktop client. it seemed like a more complete replacement for itunes than anything else out there. i have been looking to replace itunes since the first day i used it because its playback tools are significantly worse than winamp had back 8 years ago. and somehow, spotify has even worse usability than itunes when it comes to playback.

basically, do this in spotify: search for a song you want to hear. double click it. then look at your queue. you’ll see everything from your search results. ok, that kinda sucks – you just wanted to hear one song. so, try removing everything else from the queue. oh wait, you can’t.

that’s right, everything in the search results just stays there forever. i’m not sure if there’s anything more to say about it. it’s fucking maddening. spotify’s entire raison d’etre is to let you play a song you WANT to hear, but then it throws a bunch of other shit at you without giving you any option to get rid of it?

i’m actually getting madder by the second just thinking about how fucking stupid it is. c’mon spotify, you guys are better than this.

p.s. i live in dc now and jen and i broke up and i hate everything and yay 2012.

One thought on “spotify’s desktop client sucks”

  1. This truly made me laugh out loud. Not so much your rant about Spotify, which isn’t entirely off-base, but it was the p.s. that did it for me. I’m not sure if you’ll read this comment and I’ll certainly never be back to this site to see that you have, but just know, that little summation of yours gave me a good laugh.

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