this is peculiar

i get home today and i check the mail.  i see a brown, lumpy paper bag with one end stapled closed.  a printed label indicates that the package is in fact for me (full name and everything) with this return address: “po box 848, grand rapids MN 55744-0848”.  inside i find

no note.  no indication of where this came from, why it was delivered to me, or if it is covered in disease (geoff’s idea, not mine).  and so i googled the crap out of this address and got things like this and this.  mysterious envelopes, unrelated to each other, sent with no reason.  so, i’m a bit confused, bemused (nba live 09 sucks!) and maybe a tad perturbed.  but only maybe.

it goes without saying, but if anyone has any idea where this shirt came from, i’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “this is peculiar”

  1. That shirt is sweet.

    And uh, probably was meant to be sent to me… yeah, that’s the ticket!

  2. that’s crazy… i’ve gotten t-shirts like that before in the past (without anything telling me who/where/why).. i never bother to look.

    you could get some kid to airbrush ‘sucks’ under the name for you.

  3. @Darryl – you’ve received tshirts like this before? what the hell? you didn’t question it?

    and this tshirt might be sweet now, but man it would be so much sweeter if i got someone to airbrush “sucks!” underneath it. because really, nba live is such a bad franchise (especially relative to the 2k sports series)

  4. @Thad if you really want the tshirt, come to SF and i’ll give it to you? i’ll make you a deal – we can meet somewhere else… vegas?

  5. niv :
    @Darryl – you’ve received tshirts like this before? what the hell? you didn’t question it?

    Nah, i used to sign up and register all my shit like a good little consumer. Random shit always showed up.

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