i had a dream that i wrote that post about kurosawa that nitin asked for. instead, i woke up and wrote a couple of things over at about 90 feet:

1) my development strategy for ottoneu (or why i hate frameworks)
2) a tiny example of the kinds of weird things i have to think about when creating a complete game

so go read that, and don’t think that i’ve left this. there’s just a lot of moving pieces right now, and more will be written about it in the very near future.


let me pimp some sites of friends.  and yes, i realize the irony that the only people who read this are my friends.  or possibly no one.  but moving on.

  1. threecoasts – group photoblog by me, roy, and mike fischer (a friend of roy’s).  in theory, every day each of us posts one photo that was inspired in some way by the photo before it.  in practice, roy has been traveling and it hasn’t quite worked out so far, but i’m sure it’ll get better as we do this more.
  2. equalszee – zach is posting music.  self-recorded, free music.  why not go take a look?  i helped produce!
  3. mytheoryontimetravel – i have my own photoblog you know.  and it’s kind of active again!

i’m yelling aloud in a cavernous empty room.  and i won’t stop yelling until someone walks by and tells me to shut up.