a quick story and a promise for more

friday night, trills and erin and i went and saw matt good play in front of 150-200 people at the great american music hall in san francisco.

first of all, the venue is amazing. its an amazing ornate theater, plenty of space (especially when there aren’t that many people), tables (!), waitstaff (!!), and a nod towards local beers (lagunitas on tap!). pretty impressive, and highly recommended.

the concert was pretty fun, though i am not really up on the latest matt good stuff so i didn’t know a lot of the songs. also, the opener was brutal (automatic loveletter), completely clichéd. that’s right, ‘é’. but this isn’t about automatic loveletter or about the theater or about the concert, as fun as it might be.

it’s interesting how much this concert made me think. i was in high school when i first heard the matthew good band on muchmusic (the canadian MTV for those who don’t know). my parents went to toronto with my grandparents one weekend and they brought me back a couple of cds and i was hooked. i was one of the only people to buy their one american release from the tower records i worked at in college. trilling and i still talk about how awesome rico is. then they broke up, then i listened to matt good solo a little bit. song for the girl is one of the highest songs on my last.fm, especially when you remove the entire return from cookie mountain album (which you shouldn’t, ever). then matt good got a little too acoustic-y and i fell away from him a bit. but matt good was with me (and with trilling) through some pretty definitive years.

and 10 years later i’m sitting with trilling in san francisco listening to matt good. so of course, you think about those definitive years. and shit, there is a lot to think about.

at the end of the concert, trilling was drunk. and he decided, in his drunken state, to yell “sidney crosby is a pussy” incredibly loudly at the canadian matt good in front of only 150-200 people in a small, ornate theater in san francisco. needless to say, matt good heard him. and his response was why he is awesome.

instead of telling trilling to shut up or fuck off or ignoring trilling, he said “it’s funny that you should mention that” and then went into a 2-3 minute spiel about how wayne gretzky never got hit and sidney crosby does get hit and still gets back up and scrapped for that gold medal winning goal (huge cheer) and ryan miller was pretty awesome so at least america has that going on.

now, i’m sure the guy has a ton of experience with idiot hecklers, but he also has experience being a big rock star in canada, so the thoughtful, calm response was unexpected and awesome. of course, trilling wasn’t even thinking about the gold medal, he was thinking about alex ovechkin. which is a whole separate post entirely.

that was all rambly and nonsensical, but i just need to get something going, get anything going.

now, about that promise for more – ottoneu’s fantasy draft was yesterday, and i’m going to go through what my strategy was for the draft (this is the first year i had a strategy going in) and how well i did to my strategy. so look for that tonight or tomorrow.

also, boomgard pointed me to frightened rabbit, and their new album is meh, but their first album from 2008 (midnight organ fight) is really, really good. so go listen to that. and if you like jazz, i don’t need to tell you this, but if you’re interested in liking jazz, listen to coltrane+monk at carnegie hall. i might have not needed to tell anyone that. i just had to tell myself that. or admit to myself that i am an idiot for not listening to it until very recently. update: i should have thanked parker for helping me see the light on the coltrane+monk collaborations. and now i have, thanks parker.

also as i click the categories for this post, i’m realizing that metaniv and ravings go hand in fucking hand. which tells you a lot, i think.

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